1959 Cadillac, Grandpa’s Suit & Your Prost Brew

What does a 1959 Cadillac and your grandpa’s 50 year old suit have in common with a classic German beer from Prost Brewing? The answer to this, if you did not already figure it out, is quality. Classic German beer, a 1959 Cadillac, and your grandpa’s 50 year old suit have all persisted through the decades because they are all well-made, exuding an elegance that may best be described as timeless perfection. They all were carefully constructed using pillars of simplicity, quality ingredients, as well as a touch of artistic play to make things appropriately interesting, without overwhelming the senses.

Indeed, classic, traditionally made German beer does not contain extreme flavors that would overpower your taste buds and leave you bored after a couple of sips. Classic German beer is well-balanced, full of just the right amount of enticing flavors, to create a more clean and wholesome taste profile. In contrast to many modern day beers that contain a few strong flavors that come to define the beer, classic German beer offers a range of flavors that take turns at center stage, luring you into taking another swig.

In the end, centuries of trial and error has lead to the development of German beer that has a flavor profile that has been refined to perfection. Through contributions from avid German beer drinkers and devoted brewers alike, the tastes of the various German beers have been chiseled away at, revealing a collection of masterpieces in the end. At Prost Brewing, you can taste some of these masterpieces that taste of the quality that is nothing but authentically German.

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