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Building Solidarity, Community, and Good Cheer One Beer at A Time

One might not picture beer halls and beer gardens as vital spots in building solidarity, community, and good cheer among people within a society, however in Germany, beer halls and gardens have always served communities in doing just that.  No doubt, beer halls and beer gardens may serve other purposes as well, but  it has long been acknowledged, even by well-known sociologists, that beer gardens and halls are vital in cultivating what is known as “Gemütlichkeit” in German lingo.

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1959 Cadillac, Grandpa’s Suit & Your Prost Brew

What does a 1959 Cadillac and your grandpa’s 50 year old suit have in common with a classic German beer from Prost Brewing? The answer to this, if you did not already figure it out, is quality. Classic German beer, a 1959 Cadillac, and your grandpa’s 50 year old suit have all persisted through the decades because they are all well-made, exuding an elegance that may best be described as timeless perfection. They all were carefully constructed using pillars of simplicity, quality ingredients, as well as a touch of artistic play to make things appropriately interesting, without overwhelming the senses.

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At Prost, No Choice But to Order Like a German

In Germany, beers are rarely defined or referred to according to their brand name.  Instead, German beer is categorized according to its style such as Pils, Alt, Weißbier, Kölsch, or Dunkel.  In Germany, every brewery makes several beer styles, and a brand may come to signify a brewery’s particular interpretation of a certain style, while keeping the defining characteristics of that beer style intact.  Thus, different from North America, you can rarely choose a brand when you order a beer in Germany.  Instead, you order a style, and know right from the name what generally to expect, regardless of the brand.

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