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In a Global Brewing Industry, Prost Keeps it Local

As part of a commitment to staying local, Prost Brewing has continued to sell only growlers of its beer to be taken home and enjoyed outside of Prost.  Prost produces no cans or bottles, which it originally had no plans on producing from its inception.  By omitting cans and bottles, Prost significantly decreases its waste, diminishing its environmental impact, and further defining its beer as a truly local Denver beer that is even only sold locally.

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Keeping the German Yeast Alive

Among the German immigrants who made their way across the great Atlantic Ocean in order to start afresh in America was one German man, John Wagner, who diligently transported his lager yeast all the way from his hometown in Bavaria to Philadelphia.  With his precious yeast, John Wagner opened his own shop to sell what later became accredited as America’s first lager beer, brewed from his little shop in the 1840s.

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Friends, Colleagues, & Antifreeze

At Prost we have a large (for a startup) brewkettle. This lets us make a healthy amount of beer at once, but it also limits the number of one off seasonal beers that we can produce. That’s ok with us. That is the German way. There is a season to each of the German beers and in May (Mai) it’s time for a pale bock beer. The Germans like to drink outside in Biergartens but in Mai it is usually just a bit too cold.  Thus, Mai is the ideal time for a pale and smooth, malty and strong lagerbier. That’s just the liquid blanket needed for the job, and we’ve made one with the help of some friends and colleagues.

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