With a complex flavor that dabbles in both malty and hoppy and a finish that’s crisp and fresh enough for a warm summer day on the patio, Prost Brewing Company’s Altbier is fittingly named as an alternative to the everlasting, partisan battle of dark vs. light beers.

Based on an old style of German brewing (“alt” which is the German word for “old”), the Altbier packs taste, aroma, and history into a clean, refreshing beverage that shares many of the best amber ale’s most important qualities.


Brewing Process

All beers have a history. In Altbier’s case, that history is tied to the traditional brewing methods of Dusseldorf, Germany. Altbiers are top-fermented and packed with hops. The mix of the crisp, caramelly malt and bitter hops allows Altbier to combine the best aspects of both ales and lagers, with a balanced aroma and taste that dazzles and satisfies.


Aroma Profile

The Altbier smells first of malt, with beats of caramel and grain following quickly after. The malt and grain often bring to mind the aroma of brown bread, cereal, or pretzels. There’s a definite nuttiness that develops, with hints of almond and walnut rounding out a toasty bouquet.

Deep in the background of the aromatic profile, yet still noticeable to even the most unsophisticated of beer drinkers, are fruity notes that offer hints of citrus and golden raisin.

To round out the complex mélange of aromas, there’s an almost floral, perhaps slightly peppery, finish. A true bouquet of scents, this Altbier can feint towards a perfume-like essence, yet never goes over the top with any specific notes.



Much like its fragrant offerings, this Altbier is well-balanced, never leaning too sweet or too bitter. It begins with a toasty, malted flavor that’s both clean and crisp.

You should get some of the hoppy bitterness on the back of your tongue as the taste pleasantly lingers. The bolder flavors then dissipate, leaving fruity, spicy notes that contain a full-bodied earthiness.

There’s a complexity to the taste that’s intriguing without being confusing or garbled. You shouldn’t experience any harshness with this beer. Further, the crisp opening notes make this Altbier an ideal session beer that won’t overwhelm your taste buds as you drink more.



An Altbier can come in a variety of shades, from light copper to deep auburn, yet should never be so dark as to be thought of like a brown ale.  Prost Brewing’s Altbier sits on the darker end of that scale, with a golden hue that contains elements of hazel and mahogany.

When poured correctly, there shouldn’t be much head, perhaps as much as a finger’s worth. You shouldn’t experience deep lacing, either.



Altbier’s balance allows it to be well paired with many dishes. Its foundation of malt pairs beautifully with both lighter and more substantial fare.

Both roast chicken and pork make perfect meal mates with Altbier. With its German heritage, it shouldn’t be a surprise that sausage is also an ideal partner for this brew.

Its hoppiness and bready notes also mean that this Altbier can easily be paired with pizza or Mexican cuisine. The Altbier’s nuttiness and malty profile earn this beer a seat at the dessert table, preferably with a caramel treat or pecan pie.


Prost Brewing

Whether you’re new to German brewing or an aficionado, you’ll appreciate the selection of some of the best amber beers available in the United States at Prost Brewing Company. We take pride in our German heritage and use our collection of beers to honor this legacy.

Our beers contain the finest ingredients directly imported from Germany, and our brewing processes are devoted to the traditional techniques and practices that made Germany the world leader in bier.

Stop by our Biergarten in Denver or Fort Collins today for a wide selection of delicious beers, perfect for expanding your horizons or diving deeper into your favorite brews.