Beer Highlight: Maibock

The Brewing Process

Maibock is brewed similar to a lager but began as a distinct style in 1614. This strong, lighter, and more vibrant Bock was called a Maibock, although it’s also known as a Helles Bock or Heller Bock. It became an incredibly popular option in Bavaria as a springtime alternative to the richness of a traditional Bock. Maibock is excellent for year-round enjoyment but brings a special zing to springtime celebrations.


Pick up a Maibock, and the first thing you’ll notice is a significantly lighter color and tone. While not exactly a brilliant blonde, this lightly toasted Bock has a distinct gold color, almost straw-like. Set it beside a traditional Bock, and you can see why this bright, sprightly beer quickly gained a reputation for spring and bright, sunny days.

Flavor Profile

A Maibock has a distinct crisp, floral hoppiness to it that’s often missing in other Bocks. A more balanced assertion of maltiness and sweetness helps you appreciate the crisp note even more. At 6.8% ABV and 31 IBUs, this robust lager is distinctly stronger than many Bocks and doesn’t classify as a session-able beer. It’s a great one to enjoy with your friends and family as you dive into a meal of classic German fare or spicy Asian dishes.


A waft of springtime air, with its malty sweetness and floral, grassy note, greets your nose. The aroma of Maibock hovers between the zing and zest of an IPA and the warm, malty aromas of a traditional Bock. Just like the aroma of spring, the aroma of a Maibock isn’t aggressive or overwhelming. You’ll need to take a deep, up-close breathe to register all the subtle nuances of the aroma.

Maibock vs. Bock

Many individuals mix up Maibocks and Bocks. Fortunately, this confusion is primarily due to the name, rather than the flavor profile or appearance. Maibock is a distinct beer that deserves to be recognized as a pleasant, refreshing beer for springtime evenings. As the days lengthen and temperatures start to rise, shake out of your hibernation with a Maibock to usher in an unforgettable spring.

Great Pairings

Look for food that complements the sweetness and refreshing hoppy notes of your Maibock. Like most German-style beers, you can’t go wrong with any meat and bread dishes. Look for fatty and spicy notes, which are easily accented with a pleasant, clean taste of Maibock.

Spicy German sausage, spicy Thai or Korean dishes, ham, and swiss cheese are all common options with this great beer. You can’t go wrong with a burger, hotdog, or other meat-and-bread options. Grill out and celebrate spring with Maibock and some hot, spicy springtime grub.

Check Out Maibock and Other German-Style Biers Today

At Prost Brewing, we treat German beers right. We proudly stick with traditional brewing styles and imported German ingredients to make Maibock beer as they did in the old days. If you’re looking for a taste of unforgettable German culture and excellence right here in Colorado, choose Prost. Pick up a Maibock and compare it with your other favorite German-style beers to see if you’ve found a new favorite.

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