Beer Highlight: Märzen

Whether you’re looking for a fresh, new way to enjoy craft beer in Colorado or you’re eager to sample a classic Märzen on a cool autumn evening, here’s everything you need to know about our Märzen at Prost Brewing. Explore the creamy, malty body, dark amber color, and common pairings for this often-missed German-style lager. Find out what to expect, what to pair it with, and where to go to get your hands on a traditional German-style amber lager to enjoy with your family and friends.

The origins of Märzen include strict Bavarian ordinances, Oktoberfest, and the desire to drink beer all year long. A 1553 decree proclaimed no beer could be brewed in Bavaria from April to September. The understandably frustrated Bavarians came up with Märzen, which comes from März, which means March in German. This tasty beer was brewed in March and could be safely stored in the cellar all year long.

For years, this beer style was popular at Oktoberfest. Though recent celebrations have turned to alternative traditional German styles, this unforgettable beer is making a resurgence in many craft breweries that are devoted to quality, traditional beers.

Brewing Märzen

This classic amber uses Hallertau tradition hops and a blend of Weyermann Munich, Weyermann Vienna, and Weyermann Caramunich. This seasonal beer is particularly popular in the fall, although it’s no longer as popular at Oktoberfest as it once was. It weighs in at 5.8% ABV and 22 IBUs.

Aroma and Taste Profile

The creamy maltiness and a rich bready base peak with a clean, dry finish. This quintessential autumn beer is best served around a campfire high in the mountains as the sun starts to set. The slight toasted malt is reminiscent of an amber ale, but the clean finish and purity quickly identify it as a German-style lager.

The aroma captures the crisp, fall air with the full force of toasted malt. In the end, there’s a hint of those floral hops that adds a unique twist to a classic amber. A medium-to-full body ensures this beer is packed with flavor and is memorable to the last sip.

The aroma and taste are paired perfectly. The maltiness isn’t so extreme that you find it too filling to enjoy throughout the evening, but the hoppiness is introduced in the slightest way so as not to compromise the caramel and toasted bread notes.


Märzen, like all amber lagers, strikes a balance between the light yellow/blonde tones of a typical lager and the deep brown and black shades of a porter, stout, or Bock. A blend of orange and red produces a copper color in the glass and comes with moderate lacing.

Common Pairings

Break out the bread, sausage, and traditional German fare for this quintessential Oktoberfest lager. Märzen has enough hops to cut the excess fattiness of meat dishes, and a malty, full-bodied beer always goes well with bread.

However, it’s best to avoid too much spice and acidity as you prepare food to accompany your Märzen. There isn’t enough hoppiness to cut through the acidity, and the sweet tones of its maltiness are best when complimenting more fatty, sweet flavor profiles.

Try a Märzen at Prost Brewing

When it comes to Märzen beers, Prost Brewing is the place to go. Our ingredients and brewing traditions are proudly imported from Germany, so you can be confident in a traditional, unforgettable Märzen or German bier style.

Take a road trip to one of our Biergarten locations in Denver or Fort Collins. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of our locations, stop by and grab a bite to eat while you sample the sweet maltiness and clean finish of a traditional Märzen.