About Us

Drink like a German means drink biergarten-style biers. And not just during Oktoberfest (although that’s certainly a fine time to put on your lederhosen and wade deeply into biergarten culture for a bit). Enjoying Prost biers is all about sharing time with friends, savoring well-crafted biers, and being part of a community of bier lovers unlike any other.



In our biergartens you’ll find long, wooden tables where you can sit next to friends and family, or turn strangers into friends over a stein of your favorite brew while enjoying the nightly entertainment. Our goal isn’t just to be another craft brewery. It’s to celebrate our German heritage and share it with others. We welcome you to grab a bier and join in!



Our Biers

Commitment to quality is something we take seriously. Like, very seriously. Our goal isn’t to wow you with the most trendy boundary-pushing beer on the market. It’s to ensure that the quality of our bier is never compromised because without our integrity and heritage we wouldn’t be Prost Brewing Co.



Our innovation lies in our stubborn adherence to our German roots. It lies in our belief in brewing bier that tastes like bier, bier that highlights the four ingredients of the Reinheitsgebot purity law – malts, yeast, hops and water – and nothing else. Our formula is simple. We brew authentic German ales and lagers with traditional ingredients and traditional practices but with state-of-the-art technology that offers us unrivaled precision in the brewing process.



While the formula is simple, the process is far from it. At Prost Brewing Co. we do not take short cuts. To recreate these authentic biers we source only hand-selected and sustainably grown hops from Germany and malts from Colorado. Traditional brewing techniques, including decoction and horizontal lagering, add weeks to the process. Compared to ales, which ferment for as little as a week, lagers take 4-6 weeks to mature.




So why do we go through this added labor and cost? Because we believe in the results: Biergarten-style biers that don’t compromise on flavor. These practices create a cleaner, more refined bier that is approachable, yet layered with complexities. Come taste for yourself!



Prost’s commitment isn’t only to our craft, but to you, our consumers, connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Those who judge the quality and integrity of our bier as harshly as we do. This, derived from our German heritage, is the catalyst of our brewery. So join us, let us know how we are doing, and ask “what’s in your bier?”.


Here’s to a fresh taste of tradition. Prost!