Friends, Colleagues, & Antifreeze

At Prost we have a large (for a startup) brewkettle. This lets us make a healthy amount of beer at once, but it also limits the number of one off seasonal beers that we can produce. That’s ok with us. That is the German way. There is a season to each of the German beers and in May (Mai) it’s time for a pale bock beer. The Germans like to drink outside in Biergartens but in Mai it is usually just a bit too cold.  Thus, Mai is the ideal time for a pale and smooth, malty and strong lagerbier. That’s just the liquid blanket needed for the job, and we’ve made one with the help of some friends and colleagues.

The brewing community is a tight knit group of passionate and talented artisans here in Colorado. Whenever the brewers at Prost have time to visit and taste the beer of the fellow Colorado brewers, they take advantage of the opportunity, drinking their way through endless beer styles and educating their taste buds along the way.  Frankly, the brewers at
Prost drink lots of beer period. We love them all. There is one brewery however that shares our love of traditionally made lagerbier—the Sandlot.

If you don’t know about the Sandlot, you’re not alone. It is situated at Coors field and as such it is an arm of the SAB-Miller-Molson-Coors empire. All right, not an arm maybe a toe–a little toe. Why would Prost collaborate with such a brewery? It’s because they are the best.
The Sandlot has more GABF and world cup medals than any other Colorado brewery, with no other brewery even coming close. On account of such success, occasionally it is possible for us Prost men and women to tolerate their swollen egos.

Back a thousand years ago, 1995 or so, at the dawn of the craft brewing, there was a legendary German-style brewery called Tabernash.  As luck, fate or stupidity would have it, two of the brewers at the Sandlot and one of the brewers at Prost worked there. Aside from
learning beer drinking games (absolutely fundamental to being a brewer) a love of classic German-style beer was forced down our collective throats. Ok, most of it was not forced. Tabernash is now a memory but certainly a great one. We were honored to collaborate with the team at the Sandlot and starting Wednesday, you can taste the fruits of our labor.

By the way, you might get a chance to test the liquid blanket theory
on Wednesday as the forecast calls for snow yet again.




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