German-Style Beers: Dark Beers

Prost Brewing is proud to carry on the tradition of creating delicious traditional German beers. Our selection of dark beers includes a Dunkle and Doppelbock, two popular dark beer types known for their unique flavors.

What is Dark Beer?

Dark beer is one of the most famous kinds of German-style beers. Its dark color comes from roasted grains, which give it a richer and deeper flavor. It is not necessarily higher in alcohol content.

Darker beers are distinguished by their notes of coffee, chocolate, and other intense flavors. They tend to taste malty and may have hints of breadiness and molasses notes.

How are Our Dark Beers Made?

Prost Brewing uses a vintage copper brewing system that comes directly from a German brewery. The system now lives in our Colorado brewery and helps us create uniquely authentic German dark lager beers.

This vintage equipment allows us to effectively do decoction mashing, which removes part of the mash during the brewing and later returns it. This process adds complexity and fullness to the flavor of all of Prost’s beers. It brings the signature malty taste that is associated with German beers. The process is a labor of love that transforms our beers into something special.

Prost also uses imported German ingredients for the most authentic taste. The water used for brewing comes from an aquifer near the brewery, and this local water is monitored for quality by a chemist on staff.


Dunkel Beer

This beer literally means “dark” in German, as a testament to its deep and malty flavor. It has an ABV percentage of 5.6, and is very dark, nearly opaque but still allowing light to show through.

The Munich grain used in its brewing contributes to the unique taste. Traditionally, it was brewed in the winter only, due to a law passed by the Bavarian government that attempted to improve the overall quality of the country’s beer.

It has a nutty, roasted flavor without much of a hops taste. Though there are notes of chocolate in the flavor profile, it is not a sweet beer. Overall, it tastes smooth and has a few hints of bitterness. The beer has a full taste and mouthfeel, owing to the hearty ingredients.

Gruyere cheese is a recommended pairing for this beer, along with a salty protein marinated in a sauce. Barbecue, horseradish, or a fruit-based sauce can also complement the flavors in the beer.

Doppelbock Beer

Doppelbock beers are similar to bock beers, but much darker and at a higher alcohol content, with ours coming in at 8.6% ABV. Doppel means double, a reference to how this type is stronger and darker in color than the original bock beer. This is a full-bodied beer without much carbonation.

Its richness leads to it being considered a “liquid bread” by German monks, and it was consumed instead of solid bread as they fasted during Lent. Normal citizens occasionally fasted using this method, as well. At the time, the alcohol content was likely lower.

Its complex flavors include slight chocolate notes and hints of fruit, for a true gourmand beer. It is brewed with imported Munich hops and malt, so it can accurately represent German flavors. The deep, rich flavor does not include much of a hops taste, but it does highlight the roasted grain with its malty flavor. It pairs well with game meats, cheese, and chocolate.

All of our beers highlight traditional German flavors brewed as authentically as possible. They offer complex flavors that have to be experienced for yourself. To get a firsthand look at the brewing location and try some of the beers for yourself, make plans for a visit to Prost Brewing.

Image Credit: Shutterstock By photokirov