Prost Brewing offers an array of delicious beers that draw inspiration from Germany. While many would say the debate among all-time great beers comes down to lager vs. pilsner, there is definitely one beer you should never overlook.

Kolsch combines the best aspects of lagers and ales to create something subtly complex while simultaneously feeling delicate. Our Kolsch has a muted touch of fruitiness, which comes to a dry finish. It is a positively refreshing beer. If you have never had one before, then we would be honored to provide you your first.


How Is Kolsch Brewed?

Back in 1918, Kolsch referred to any beer produced by the Sünner brewery. However, the method of making it dates back to the 17th century. It is unique in its creation in the sense that it is bottom-fermented instead of top-fermented.

The popularity of the Kolsch beer recipe really gained a stronghold in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. While it was once only consumed in Germany, it quickly spread to become a favorite in the United States, China, Brazil, and Russia.

How Is Kolsch Served?

Traditionally, Kolsch comes in a tall, thin glass called a Stange. Back in Germany, customers would not have to request a refill once they finished the glass. Upon seeing the empty Stange, the server would immediately refill the Kolsch and keep a tally on the coaster to know how many drinks the patron has had.

In the event the customer no longer wanted a Kolsch, then he or she would place the coaster on top of the glass and pay for the number of tally marks present.


What Do Most Kolsch Taste Like?

Many people consider Kolsch to be a perfect summertime beer. While there are dozens of German beer styles, this one is less sweet than a Helles but less bitter than a Pils. Make sure to take a good whiff of your drink before taking a sip. You will notice a certain floral note to its aroma. Its flavor leans toward a malt, but one thing is certain: it goes down smooth.

You should expect a little bit of a “zing” to go down your throat when you take a sip, but it will not be sharp or harsh. The hop flavor present throughout has an incredibly wide range. Other Kolsch you can find in the area may have a yeast or sulfury water characteristic.


What Foods Do Kolsch Pair Well With?

Kolsch is an incredibly versatile beer when it comes to pairing with food. You can take a six-pack of Kolsch from Prost Brewing and have it for practically any meal you have at home. Since it tends to have a lighter taste, it pairs well with lighter foods, such as salads.

It also tastes great alongside fish, provided it is not too oily or heavy. If you feel like having a beer in the morning, then it works well with traditional Sunday brunch foods like bacon, sausages, ham, and eggs. It can perfectly replace a mimosa, so you can enjoy Kolsch pretty much any time you feel like it.


Where Can You Get Your Next Kolsch?

Once you take a sip, you will see why so many people refer to a Kolsch as a “lawnmower beer with flavor.” It is perfect for those times when you want to kick back and take in some sun. The next time you want to stop in for some beers, make sure to pay a visit to Prost Brewing.

For more information about our offerings, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to talk to fellow beer aficionados about a tasty beer you will not soon forget.