This bier is delicate and pale with less bitterness than a Pils and less sweetness than a Helles. A subtle fruitiness is the hallmark of this classic style from Köln. Along with Alt, this is one of the last ale holdouts in Germany.

Malts – Pils, German Wheat
Hops – Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Tradition
IBU’s – 22
ABV – 4.6%



Our Weissbier (Vice Beer) is a traditional German wheat bier. With flavors of banana and clove this Bavarian specialty is well known within our market. With its slightly citrusy and sweet flavor it is perfect for the summer or any time you just want an easy drinking flavorful bier.

Malts – Pils, Wheat, Munich II
Hops – Hallertau Tradition
IBU’s – 12
ABV – 4.5%

Gold Medal Winner 2015 GABF South German-Style Hefeweizen

Silver Medal Winner 2016 GABF South German-Style Hefeweizen



Alt Bier is an Ale that is becoming very popular in the Prost Brewing Biergarten. With its copper color, slight hop presence, clean flavor and dry finish, it is definitely a winner. It may not be as hailed as Hefeweizen or as popular as a Pils but our Alt is every bit as delicious. PROST!

Malts – Pils, Caramunich, Carafa, Munich II
Hops – Hallertau
IBU’s – 37
ABV – 5.0%



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