Märzen Oktoberfest

Märzen Oktoberfest

Prost Märzen is a deep orange, malty lager. Originally, it was brewed in March (Maerz). In the days before refrigeration, this was the last month to brew before the weather was too warm. Later, the Oktoberfest celebration was the perfect event to drink the last of the Maerz beer and start brewing again. Starting in the 1970’s the Munich brewers started making paler versions of the Oktoberfest biers. The beer now is a kicked up Helles bier brewed to a slightly higher gravity. At Prost we make a more traditional Märzenbier. Our Märzenbier is orange in color, with a rich malt profile from the abundant use of Vienna and Munich malts.

Malts – Munich, Vienna, Caramunich
Hops – Hallertau Mittelfrüh Monastery yeast strain
IBU’s – 24
ABV – 5.8%



Doppelbock means “Double Bock” and is usually stronger and darker than a traditional Bock. Our take on this winter warmer is a less sweet version of the style. Triple decoction produces a rich malty bier to enjoy as the snow starts to fall.

Malts – Munich I, Munich II, Carafa
Hops – Hallertau
IBU’s – 26
ABV – 8.9%



Our Prost 2014 Maibock has color hue of golden fields of barley, fairly larger pilsner maltiness balanced with subtle prima German aroma hops. The foam head is dense with small bubbles and a light butter cream hue. Mid-range in the German bier alcoholic scale. It is full bodied, yet very drinkable and refreshing.

Malts – Pils
Hops – Hallertau Traditional
IBU’s – 20
ABV – 6.8%



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