Nestled in the shadow of Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains, exists a craft brewery that has made it their mission to create German beers so authentic that one sip will transport you to Oktoberfest. Using traditional methods based on the Reinheitsgebot purity law, Prost Brewing Co. knows that high-quality ales and lagers are the results of mastery of simple ingredients that come from the most trusted sources.

Never one to mess with timeless recipes and the wisdom of the brewers that came before us, Prost Brewing Co. is proud to continue the custom of producing ales and lagers, using nothing but the freshest water, malts, hops, and yeast. Of these creations, it is an honor to offer what we consider the best German Pilsner and bring this historical beer from the old world to the new.

Life Before Pilsner

To fully appreciate the power of Pilsner, one needs to go back in time to the mid-1800s and the bustling city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Up until that time, beer worldwide was a cloudy concoction full of sediment, brewed via inconsistent methods, and ending with various qualities of beverage hitting the market.

In 1839, the discriminating palates of the Pilsen citizens had been subject to one too many bad batches of ale and were not going to take it any longer. Looking to Bavarian brewmasters for assistance, and utilizing state-of-the-art building techniques, the city dedicated itself to changing the world of beer forever and ultimately brought the popular Pilsner into existence.

A Golden Secret

Around the same time as Pilsen’s inspired vision was taking form, Britain had succeeded in developing kilning methods that were capable of producing gold-colored malts, instead of the standard dark hue. Applying this technology, along with new yeast strains, and a plethora of knowledge gained from research, study and purposeful travel, brewer Josef Groll gave birth to the first Pilsner.

The pale malt, paired with the Saaz hops, and yeast that fermented from the bottom supplied a clear, golden beer that became an immediate sensation, quickly spreading beyond the Czech Republic’s borders.

The German Difference

If you have ever been fortunate enough to find this delicious golden brew on tap, you may have noticed there are different types of pilsners beers. Though this lager originated in the Czech Republic, Germany also became a significant source of this nectar, leaving us with the option of Czech and German pilsners to enjoy.

After years of war, German brewers found themselves well-positioned with the latest technological advances and improved processes, while the Czech Republic suffered isolation and lack of resources. These conditions allowed the Germans to take the Pilsner in different directions, with these noticeable differences:

  • Increased carbonation level
  • Paler in color and lighter in body
  • A foamy head of the purest white
  • Dry and crisp with a sustained bitterness

Easy to drink, incredibly refreshing and considered the pinnacle of the art of brewing, the Pilsner is a European treasure that has genuinely earned its singular fame.

Becoming Part of History

At Prost Brewing Co., we take the noble history of Pilsner to heart and respect the honorable heritage from whence it came. Our German Pilsner is brewed in the northern style, featuring a specific yeast strain developed in a German monastery and German hop varieties. Fresh, peppery, and full of flavor, it is the ideal beer to pair with spicy food, delicious ham, and decadent shellfish, creating an unparalleled dining experience.

Whether it is after work or a weekend respite, it is never too soon to make a trip to Prost Brewing Co. Where our beers are of the highest quality, friends are readily made, and authentic German Pilsner continues its reign amongst beer.