When you are in the mood for German-style beer in Denver, there is only one place to turn. Prost Brewing has some Bavarian brews as well as other variations on tap to wet your whistle. For anyone looking for a delicious wheat ale, then the Weissbier is right up your alley.

When you get a tall glass of this beer, you will not be disappointed. It comes with a rich history, rich flavor profile, and a rich way to kick off your weekend.



In general, Weissbier is one of the most eclectic varieties out there. They can be either crystal clear or cloudy. Some come with fruit flavors, while others do not have any fruit whatsoever. However, when you order this Bavarian-style beer at Prost Brewing, you can expect some hints of banana and clove.

These give it a soft aroma with some wheat undertones. You will even find some light sour notes within the composition. It tastes fantastic and almost creamy, making for an easy-drinking experience. It is the perfect beer to order on a warm summer day after you have just finished some yard work.



There are two primary varieties of wheat beer with Weissbier coming from the German tradition. With this style, the beer is created by mixing a minimum of 50% wheat barley malt to create a light-colored, top-fermenting beer. In Germany, there are numerous specialized yeast strains to develop overtones of clove and banana.

Therefore, the beer you find at Prost Brewing has been created using similar traditions straight from Germany. It is traditionally served in a 500-milliliter glass in the shape of a vase. These same traditions are implemented right here in Denver to create a delicious, refreshing beer that will have you wanting to come back for more.



What can you expect when your Weissbier is handed to you from across the bar? For starters, it will have a sizable head at first, but this settles down quickly. It transforms into large bubbles and finishes with some rim bubbles. The color itself is a dirty gold, and there is a certain cloudiness to the drink.

It has higher carbonation than what you will find with other beers. With a medium body, this beer is neither too strong and not too soft. It is just right, making it ideal for tenured beer drinkers or people just beginning to dip their toes into the craft beer scene.


Food Pairings

Weissbier is one of the most versatile beers when it comes to pairing with food. German wheat beers are light and refreshing, and they offer a wonderful mouth-feeling due to all of the yeast and proteins present. You can pair it with a salad, and the beer will not be strong enough to overpower the vegetables. It also pairs incredibly well with the spices found in Mexican dishes.

The high carbonation allows the beer to cut through guacamole and cheese with no problems. Even if you just have some chicken with black beans, it brings out the best flavors of everything. Similar to other German beers, Weissbier works splendidly with cured hams, sausages, and other meats. As you would expect, wiener schnitzel is a favorite to go with Weissbier.

This beer is a real treat to have, and now, you can have German-inspired beers right in Denver. So the next time you are in the mood for a delicious glass of beer, head on over to Prost Brewing. In addition to Weissbier, we have many other German-style beers on tap, so you will definitely find something you love. Come on over today for a pint.